Moovin into Crieff this summer….

is a unique art trail of 11 highland cow benches or ‘cowches.’ Artists from around the country will create individual designs for each cowch. The trail will take you around the town and a little further afield too. The position of each cowch has been carefully chosen to either be on a site of historic or social interest or somewhere to simply enjoy the view!

So why a highland cow?

Crieff occupies a key position between The Highlands and Lowlands which is why it became a meeting point and market place for highland cows, with up to 30,000 of the beasts arriving here each year!

The trail will run from July 1stto September 6th.  After this time the Cowches will be auctioned off to raise funds for Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance, saving and improving lives across Scotland every day.

Keep moovin

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